100 Industry examples, completed by myself.

This work covers a few years and is offered as information and is not in presentation format.

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100+ examples of Industry Applications.

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Operations Management

Computer Information Systems


Variety (All)


Variety (All)

Database Design





Entreprise Info. Sys



Materials (reports in POM)

Operating Systems

System analysis


Applied spreadsheets

Linear Programming Examples








Labor Law

Work In Progress 97 /_CSUS Classes

completed coursework

My 16 year old database

Definitions of Estimating Terminology



Business Plan

Engr. Lingo

Human Rights links

Job Searching

My MBA Work

Industrial Supplies

My Resume

My Software,GIF 1993-96

MY--- Library






Operations Management & Computer Information Systems

Operating-System Interfaces. Windows 2000+…location:

Windows 2000

MS Office XP

Win 95-98 w/Office Pro 97-2000, GIF

Lotus SmartSuite  w/ Win95, GIF

Windows 3.1 ,GIF



Win NT 3.51 , GIF
Production focus here





Software Application

over 100 examples w/ summaries

Click this side !!!

The Business Plan, GIF



Lotus SmartSuite 96 click here

Flow Charting, GIF



Microsoft PowerPoint 95

Project Management, GIF



Microsoft Project_________more pg 2_

Object Linking and Embedding example,GIF



Microsoft Office 95

Finance , GIF



Visual Basic Pro 95

Finance, minimize cost , GIF



Excel 95

Finance, what ifs , GIF



Excel 95 with Solver.

Finance, data analysis ,GIF

----------------à click this side----------------à

w/ pivot tables Excel 95

Risk Simulation , GIF



Lotus 123, 96

Decision Support Systems ,GIF



Visual Basic Pro 95

Quality Control, GIF



Lotus Freelance Graphics

Database Development, GIF



Microsoft Access 95

Database Application Development , GIF



PhoneDisc ......Access95 .......Excel 95.

System Analysis , GIF



Win Advisor_ ............Check-it Pro 3.0

Engineering , GIF



AUTOCAD r.12, DesignCad 5.0

Production-Operations , GIF

Click on right side

Visual Basic Pro 95




18 spreadsheets on one screen   Click here

Manufacturing , GIF



Several Packages..pg.1 ……..pg.2

Office Pro 95 , GIF



Office Bindery

Computer Industry Update , GIF



Reseller News

Visual Basic 4.0 Presentation ,



NOT Present

Tax assessment report __COBOL- Text



_notes included__COBOL





My-Microsoft Certification Notes



text in process






Reports and Software used.
Production and Operations Management

Short summary & calculations_



Materials, Processes & Inventory Control , Summary (22pgs) text

Production planning, level production.



Lotus , GIF ...........Click this side !!!

Prod. Planning, unleveled + max profit.



Lotus / DSS , GIF

Aggregate Plan / Production strategies.



Lotus __1 ........... __pg.2 , GIF

Material Requirements Planning.



Lotus , GIF

Capacity Management.



Lotus , GIF

Capacity Planning



Lotus , GIF

Master Production Scheduling.



Lotus ___1 ...... _pg.2 ........ _pg.3 , GIF

The Planning Process.



MS Publisher , GIF

Capital Management and Inventories, a mix



_Lotus 2.3 , GIF




Lotus , GIF


Productivity Management / Industrial Engineering


Notes, text

Summary text

Short Summary , text


Case 1-operator txt

Case 2-Process txt

Case 3 - Project Txt

Case 4-Clerical txt








Analysis, Load Distance. ,GIF



Lotus ...........Click this side !!!

Process Analysis, Process., GIF




Operator Analysis., GIF




Clerical Analysis. , GIF



MS PowerPoint






Quality Control and Management.





Summary ~ 25pgs_






Click on right


Control Chart, number of defects. GIF



Lotus ...........Click this side !!!

Control Chart, out of control. GIF




X / R Chart. , GIF




Control Cart, proportion of defectives.GIF




Zone Control Chart , GIF




U- Chart. GIF




Downtime, Rejections., GIF





~Linear Programming etc. see Decision Support Systems below.



Project Management.



Project Management with Pert. GIF


Job Shop Examples, spreadsheets.

Project Crashing.DSS                 Pg. 2_

Job Status. GIF




Team Building. _GIF




Equipment Service Recording. GIF




Shop Consumables., GIF




Job Estimate and Material Usage ,GIF




Project Management, GIF








System Analysis & Design summary, click here(text), when completed  in 8/2002,  will be used in a 700 hour course for an accredited vocational school

Database Design



Database Objectives/ summary. ,click title




SQL terms, text file click here

Entity Relationship diagram. , GIF à



MS PowerPoint

Database Dev., menu / data entry. GIF



Link here lost

Data tables examples., GIF

Click on right

MS Access

95 Report print out, GIF



options / printouts. MS Access




_Access. UNIX, HP 9000 …….....pg.2….

Structured Programming / Expert Systems. Select below

Equipment reservation system. , GIF



Visual Basic 4.0 (inc.)

Finding new Quota., GIF



Expert system ............ pg.2 _

Investing., GIF



Expert system ........... pg. 2_

Mfg. Batch selection. , GIF



Programming_ Expert systems


Decision Support with linear, goal, assignment etc…programming



Linear Programming Examples here and below

programming code, click above

Management Science Notes click here


More Linear programming applications..notes,

click above

Decision Support Notes Click here





Minimize Mfg. cost / Team building. GIF

please skip this one

Problem here…………Assignment programming

New Factory Location optimization. , GIF


Transportation model

Machine / Employee Selection, optimization


Assignment programming

Shipping Cost optimization, GIF


Integer programming

Scheduling Analysis , GIF


Queuing theory ( retail , services )

Waiting Lines., GIF


( truck unloading , service crews )

MFG. Multiple goals _ Mfg. & Mkt, GIF


Goal Programming

Model Formulation., GIF


"Programming of model"

Inventory Management. , GIF


Linear Programming

Production Schedule. , GIF


Linear programming





Executive / Enterprise Information Systems


Business growth analysis. , GIF


Excel , MS EIS pack , ~ Visual Basic

Break-even analysis., GIF


Excel , MS EIS pack , ~ Visual Basic

Scheduling / Product mix. GIF


Linear Programming

Budget, school. . this one is cool.. GIF


DSS / Visual Basic / Excel





Finance Spreadsheets…….RETURN to TOP


Purchasing Analysis. , GIF


Lotus / Excel

Break Even and Operating Leverage. GIF



Certainty Equivalents. , GIF



Unequal Lives Ranking Problem , GIF



Time Disparity Ranking. _______ GIF



Capital Rationing., GIF




Cost Analysis of Plant Locations. _ GIF








__Information Systems Management. ___Short case Studies click below on topic.

Information Infrastructure All /text

Managing IS


Application Development

Information System Planning Over -View  

Manage Change



Information System Planning









Marketing... All Text files , click on below


Marketing Plan ~questions_

Marketing Plan__


Mkt. Outline & Glossary                     






Management , All text files


Strategic Management notes ,

click above.


Business Policy ~ 50 pgs,Course overview……more below







Software Experience, click this side

Software application , GIF




Software applications, GIF




Hardware / software database. __ ,GIF




Software/ executive training 98-2002



Work 2000 – 2002 HERE





Periodical reading. Business, Mfg.,Engineering, Computers, & Operations literature..click here










-Works completed ~ Dec. 97, abandoned but still excellent OM links

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