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Computer and operations 2000-2003

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Business Applications



Processes for school accreditation

Microsoft Networking Engineer, WinNT 4.0 MCSE

AutoCAD 14 - 2000 Drafting S/W, refresher

School Course development, 500 and 800-hour courses including certification preparation for students. Windows, Microsoft Office, CompTIA A+ Technician.

Windows 2000

MCSE Topics, in process, Server 2003,

MS Office 2003 beta2,

Windows XP Pro,

Microsoft 2000 Project.

Microsoft NET technologies.




Microsoft Visio 2002

Professional Development in addition, click here.


Class networking of computers and maintenance-repair.


Microsoft Office XP

Periodical list, click here






Red Hat




Certified Personal Trainer


Teacher Training



Customer Service



Classroom Management

Executive Training received in 2000-2002, click here


Teach the Teachers


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