Completed courses Udemy, Microsoft Virtual Academy, CBT-Nuggents….2014


  1. Certificate of social media marketing and management.
  2. 100 social media tips, tricks and techniques.
  3. Up and running with Linkedin.
  4. Building an outstanding Linkedin profile.
  5. How to set up a Linkedin account.
  6. Marketing on Linkedin.
  7. How to use Linkedin to grow your business.
  8. The bootstrappers guide to the mobile web.
  9. Advanced SEO tactics and strategy.
  10. Social media productivity apps for business.
  11. Social media for SEO.
  12. Social media strategy. The crucial steps you need to know.
  13. Linkedin social media marketing.
  14. Google calendar.
  15. Improve your Linkedin profile in five easy steps.
  16. Marketing on Google plus.
  17. Google adwords essential tips for profitable campaigns.
  18. Introduction to Google tools.
  19. Getting started with Google analytics.
  20. Hacking Academy: monitoring transmitted data.
  21. IT troubleshooting skill training.
  22. General networking: wireless, routers, firewalls, Cisco and NAS.
  23. TCP, HTTP,SPDY deep dive.
  24. Ethical hacking -- security tools video training.
  25. CEH: ethical hacking and penetration testing.
  26. Subletting secrets -- learn the easy way to subnet.
  27. CCNA 2013: on the go with Chris Bryant.
  28. Cisco 640 -- 822,ICND1 exam training.
  29. Overview of VLANS, access lists, NAT.
  30. CCNA in 60 days.
  31. Marketing on Facebook.
  32. Mining the social web.
  33. Viral content buzz dot com.
  34. Social media etiquette. ~ manners.
  35. How customers use social media.
  36. Introduction to social media strategy.
  37. Social media selling system.
  38. Wordpress: How to manage your site.
  39. Getting started with Hootsuite.
  40. Advanced topics with Hootsuite Pro.
  41. Web development with HTML 5 and CSS3
  42. Tumblr, expand your business network
  43. Flickr, marketing to grow your business.
  44. Hashtags, understanding them.
  45. Foursquare, intro for business.
  46. Twitter, marketing for business.
  47. Marketing on Youtube
  48. MySQL database for beginners.
  49. Windows PowerShell for beginners at Microsoft Virtual Academy.
  50. Microsoft Azure cloud platform  at Microsoft Virtual Academy.
  51. Microsoft Project 2010.
  52. Chartered Financial Analyst from
  53. Microsoft exam 70-687. Windows 8.1 Pro-Enterprise.
  54. Getting started with PowerShell at Microsoft Virtual Academy.