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Implementing effectively E-learning within the organization.


The learning over the Internet is flexible, cost-effective, and measurable.

Internet learning put's learners in the driving seat.

To be optimized, Internet learning needs to have collaboration with other members and mentoring from experts.

The classroom should not be eliminated but complemented.

Key factors:.

The best people are focused on constantly improving their skills.

Traditional training methods are expensive, time-consuming, and puts the learner under stress.

Internet learning, can adapt quickly for mass amounts of people, at any time schedule, at any location, in with the combination of different techniques to optimize the training.

Internet learning offers a wide array of choices, prices, relatively economical, and if used in conjunction with other techniques can be a winner for all parties involved.  Learning can be applied on CDs or cassettes and listen to on the way to work.

For commuters, they can actually have purpose on the way to work.

Making it happened:.

Understand what Internet learning can do.  It offers the right training to the right people is quickly as possible.

Develop a learning culture in the organization.  Management is committed to it.  Making available the resources before work, during lunchtime, after work, and on a Saturday or Sunday.  Most people want to learn, if correctly presented.

Implementing the components.

Make space available, private space.  Let them know who they're mentors are.  Learners must have access to experts.

My personal opinion: integrated with other techniques, such as an introduction with the expert in a group setting to let them know the focal point of operation.  What the organization offers, and what a benefit to the individual this is.  An introduction, feedback weekly, and conclusions, should be done by individual experts in a classroom setting.  Find your stars and share them.

Assessment is important and will occur at different levels with different individuals.

Manage and administer the learning.

Create your own program.  With recordable CDs, it is now possible to fabricate your own learning program.

Many companies will do this for you, and many more offer generic programming.

Depending on the size and the need, gimme a call and we will talk about.

The book article now goes into what I've already covered.

Common mistakes:.

Slow Internet connections, for machines.

Doing training on the cheap.  I will repeat that, doing training on the cheap.

Doing training on the cheap, this is the biggest one by far, actually it's not all.

Do not forget the classroom part.

Lack of self motivation, I do not want to print my solution to this.

Do not forget that teachers have value.

Lack of recognition, but something in it for them.  At least a small raise its successful, and if not more training until it occurs, or fire them or move them to the production line.  The book did not say that.

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