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 Outsourcing your WebSite.

How-to outsourced your WebSite operations.

Getting started: sometimes this entity can take the focus of your organization away from its core operations.

When outsourcing remember: develop improper strategy, insure that a comprehensive contract is in place, with proper metrics and management structures.  Make sure the vendor is stable with a good track record.

Outsourcing drive factors: you need to focus on your core skills.

Do you lack sufficient skills staff.

You lack flexibility, the quality outsourced vendor can respond more quickly than you can.

Advantages: ASP's can save you time and money.  They have the best and latest skills.

Disadvantages: considerable risk, industry still young, many have gone out of business.

Many applications are simply not designed to be used over the Internet.

Can the application be engineered to be fast enough for the consumer.

Outsourcing has many immensely hyped, however it is far from doomed.

Renting software is expected to be a major development and future.

Making it happened: develop an outsourcing strategy.  Are your current application improving very costly.

Why do you want to outsource: reduce costs, greater flexibility, can find the right help, reliable service, want to focus on your core business, keep your IT department small.  Reduced other staffing levels.

Make sure the software really is appropriate for outsourcing.

Be prepared: if you don't know what you want to do, the vendor might tell you, and this is where you lose your strategic direction.

Consider hiring a middleman to help you.  To give you an unbiased opinion.  The vendor will have many questions for you, be ready for them or the whole process will bog down.

Choose a stable vendor, check your background.  Have they had customers like yourself, with related needs.

Service and support is critical.  Remember that this takes time. Ensure that a comprehensive contract is in place.

What are the legal implications, avoid long-term contracts.

Very important, determine how this relationship will be managed and measured.

Prevention here is the key, prevention of problems.  Management must handle this.

Verify you have a corporate technology strategy in place.  The outsourcer cannot do this.  You do not want the outsourcer to do this, because the vision will be theirs and not yours.

Remember that outsourcing is outsourcing.  You cannot control everything, they are better at what they do than you are.

Security issues: outsourcing includes increase security problems.  What are the outsourcer's policy on security issues, backup,  disaster recovery, how is the data safeguarded, what are the insurance issues, several here.

Common mistakes: excepting too many promises, sourcing out too much, this will cause lack of evolution.  Looking for low dollar.

Personally my opinion, the largest problem, not being able to deliver the right information to them, including the details, appropriate milestones and what will happen when they occur.  In this is lacking or is incorrect, well don't think about this.

Badly framed contracts, and poor day-to-day management will also be killers.  End of data.





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