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Planning a advertising campaign.


An advertising campaign needs to have clear, measurable objectives.

Supporting between the entities are crucial.

Careful planning,.

The more information in the creative team half, the more focused it works will be.

Set objectives:.

Raising awareness, communicating the benefits, generating elite for the sales wars, retail network,.

Objectives should be translated into precise measurable targets.

Identification of the key planning activities.

One: defined the target market.

Who buys, who influences, who are, do you need, how many, which prospects, what are, what does, how do they, what is the role of advertising.

What does the research tell you.

How does the current entity receive information.

What is the role of the advertising.

  1. select the media:.audience profile, comparative cost, frequency, opportunities.
  2. Plan the campaign training.  When do customers by, launch date.  Next available publication date, lead time on publications, production time of advertisement.
  3. Decide campaign frequency:.  Publication, broadcasting, budget.
  4. plan creative treatment:.  Campaign objectives, description of target market, main concerns of audience, main benefits of product, differences, proposition, the planned response, the media, the supporting activities.
  5. develop the response mechanism, police in order, meetings, further information, visit a retail outlet, try the product.  This is for the executive of course.
  6. Set a budget:.  Direct costs, indirect cost, variable cost.
  7. Said schedules:.


Common mistakes:.

Failure to integrate advertising plans with other marketing activities.

Trying to take shortcuts on lead times.

Trying to achieve advertising objectives without adequate resources.





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