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Getting better results from your AGENCY.

Review agency performance regularly.

Verify the original selection criteria is still valid.

If you select specialists, units make sure they work in consistent standards.

If you choose an integrated agency, you may need to compromise of quality of some of the more special areas of activity.

Selected correct method of payment, commissions, up-front fees, combinations.

Criteria for selection of agency:.

See their advertising, recommendations, award winners, using selection consultant.

Agencies needs:.

Understanding of business, quality thinking, involvement of senior staff, evidence of sound skills.

A powerful creative idea would be nice.

Key criteria:.

Creativity, value for money, media buying, quality of account management, attentiveness and adaptability.Marketing strategy, coverage of major world markets.

Does the agency take the time to understand your business, can use creativity effectively, is a creative, designate the worked on time, the understand your consumer, what are its objectives.Does it keep cost within budget, is it strong on media buying, does the company work hard.

Why relationships fail:.

The agency does not devote enough time, loss enthusiasm, conflicting accounts, personality clashes, missed communications.Blaming each other, misunderstanding of each otherís industries, frequent changes in team membership, poor administration on either side.Relationship become stale.


Schedule review meetings, take action to improve performance, re-medial action, move your account into another type of agency offering special services.Otherwise modify on the go.


Consider paying agencies by results, part up front, part results based.

Switch to creative independents.

Freelance, design consultants,.

Work with the virtual agency.

Appointing brand consultancy.

This brings together skills from a number of different disciplines including market research, marketing consultancy, management consultancy, and advertising.

Offers a longer term perspective, recognition integration, and closer working relationships with the whole client brand team.

Choosing media independent:.

My optimize your purchasing power on advertising.

Appointing integrated agency:.

All campaigns are handled by the sinking.

Remember none non advertising campaigns.

Common mistakes:.

Failing to review agency performance.

No performance criteria.

Remember an objective assessment.

Expecting one to agency to do everything.

End of data.





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