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Better communication with resellers.


Resellers need support, they are representatives of your company.

I have firsthand experience here for years and let me tell you most dropped the ball.

My comments will go first here:

Satellite communications, computer applications.  Marketing is applied before engineering is completed.  Says it all.

To the book.

Work with your reseller, trained reseller, finance the reseller, offer 24-hour availability of information, techniques and troubleshooting.  Shipped the reseller the proper merchandise, and of course make an up-to-date.  Reseller advertising is not a waste of money.  There are variables here however it still needs to be done.

Trust is a major issue, and you must have it.  Resellers cannot spend their own time on training, there’s too much to learn.  It is up to the organization to strategically figure out what, how and when things should be done.

Each reseller should be communicated with, offered to get feedback, and 24-hour availability of something somewhere in some fashion.  Voice mail, answering machine, does not offer a customer a good feeling.  When I get a good engineering , I can do most operations.  I am happy, the customers happy, and most important, your organization looks like it has a brain.

Resellers play a vital role, if not the most vital role, in your success, remember that.

The best approach your, is to use engineering to minimize the talent of the installer.

If you cannot do this, then you must educate your reseller, or look for other incomes in other areas.

Education of your salespeople is crucial.  They are your front-line people to the reseller.  The reseller is usually in the field, making it difficult for modifications, and law shipments.  Dead on arrival equipment can sink the boat instantly.  The reseller cannot carry to of everything like Noah. His truck is not the same size as the ark.

If I seem biased in this topic, it is because of my experience in this area.  How many times does the field tech have to do what engineering should of. I am going to blame it on marketing. they are selling a product before it is ready.

Back to the book.

Support issues with the reseller.

Advertising, reseller artwork and logos, joint marketing, financing, services, sales training, technical support, business education, sales lead, helped line, rewards and incentives, certification, business and market information.  Remember, if your product is a winner he will hire somebody to sell more of your product, and that’s the name of the game.

Common mistakes:.

Providing support in an unorganized fashion.

Failing to manage a support program.

In adequate funds.

Poor campaign information.

My turn, field experiences from hell.

Shipping of wrong product, dead on arrival product, wrong connectors, it doesn’t work, it works very poor, no live support.

My desk comparison is: a ship that sinks and nobody knows about. That is the way a reseller feels.

Satellite – Internet services are an example of my frustration here. Three years later I think they’re getting a clue.

End of data.

But let’s try this: as an executive, call into your operation, and see how a situation is handled.




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