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How to have now you through the electronic alliances.


Meet your objectives more efficiently.  Also more effectively.

So far the most effective combination has been the clicks and mortar strategy.

Physical sites and electronic sites.

It is often faster and cheaper to set up an alliance than to build something from scratch to achieve a particular objective.

You need to know exactly what you want to achieve.  How you measure the objective.  How to exit.  False expectations.

Lack of commitment, and resources.  Half will end and failure.  Have a workable management structure.

Frequently asked questions:.

The Internet has become a common platform.  Organizations need to become much more flexible, round-the-clock access.

React quickly, opportunities and threats.

The workforce is becoming more mobile, contract work, offsite work, global operations, round-the-clock operations.

Ongoing progress in this area, will become the norm.  Managers now must manage objectives and relationships, instead of the department floor.  Finding partner to fill the gap and beat a competitor in a snap.  Thinking outside the box, like Genghis Khan.

Making it happened:.

Understand clearly what you want to achieve.

Understand clearly what you're potential partner wants and expects and would be happy with.

Maybe both of you want increased sales, but act what speed.

Use alliances to enter new markets, multiple markets, seems limitless to me.

Partnership must be attractive to both parties.

Competitors may form alliances to set standards and educate.  To obtain materials, and other resources.

The start-up and the large existing Corporation.  Be careful.

Amazon and Toys "R" Us is an example of the successful strategy.  Lots of applications it seems to me here.

One alliance is seldom enough.  Have a network of them.  The bottom line is whether he potential alliance can add value or not.

Ongoing management and commitment is crucial, isn't that on everything, sometimes you got a wonder about these things.

Organizational structures, management, and metrics need to be in place.

How to these entities fit in the organizational chart, who is responsible for them, or is the strategy, what happens in the case of disputes.

Understand what each alliance offers, benchmarking in the future.

Forget about best buddies, if is not necessary, decision and follow-through are.

Think long-term, act short-term.

Be careful about exclusive deals.

Set triggers in the contract, I called them milestones. Only if certain conditions occur will the deal continue.

Have an exit strategy.  Carefully think this through.  How will assets and intellectual capital be shared out.

Common mistakes:.

The alliance press release, basically A PR move and nothing more.

Not making the commitment, or thinking that a big-name will take you far.

End of data.






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