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How to use email effectively.

Getting started:.

Email should be an essential part of any Internet marketing strategy.

Email is relatively cheap.  A cost-effective way.  Low overhead.

Email allows regular contact.  Spam is a separate issue.

Personally, I believe this is an exceptional opportunity.


Only send email if you have something to say.

The books says no more than once a week.

I believe this is completely dependent upon situation at hand.

For the right application email can be sent by the minute, hour and day.

Again, this depends upon situation.

Be sure to stick with your schedule because the customer will expect it.

Under certain circumstances, information can be charged for.

What is spam, mass communication of email messages.

Very economical, usually very annoying, and very cheap.

Terminology:opt-in and double opt-in.

There are professional organizations that will do the email for you.

Software, also can be rented instead of purchase.

Making it happened:.

Insulate the information need.

Target market.

State your purpose.

Honesty with the customer.

Make your WebSite simple.  Do not use mine for an example.

Do not ask to many questions.

Once again, building customer database with email addresses.

In the information is valuable you may ask more questions.

Make the end subscribe feature as simple as the join feature.

If you are charging for your service, offering a free issue is a common promotional activity.

Decide whether you want a plain text or HTML version of your email.

Older software does not operate like new software.

There certainly lengths to make your email, look into this.

Nothing fancy, short and factual.

The customer is already at your side, take his time seriously.

Have a strong subject line.  A table of contents.

In the email include everything necessary.

Common mistakes:.

Not completely being honest.  Don't pretend.

Not really providing real information.  Bait and switch.

Not carrying out promises made.  Being unprofessional.

End of data.




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