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How to establish an enterprise portal.

Enterprise portal's are for the staff, and involving as we speak.

Portals mean different things to different people.

A fancy Intranet, E. commerce, customer relationship management.

Provide only relevant data.

Some information provided for from outside.

Making it happened:.

In evolution from an intranet.

Your staff is your main concern, their needs are your needs, be in touch.

Specialized news feeds, market databases, self training, limitless and evolving.

On the Internet everyone is a publisher, my guess is 10 percent is relevant and necessary.

Okay maybe 20 percent, but I doubt it.

New word, vortal or vertical vortal, organized around a vertical market sector such as pharmaceuticals, and plastics.

Vortals and E. marketplaces have a lot in common, and are the same sometimes.

People are very conservative.

Running portals is expensive, have a plan, to monitor, continuous feedback, asked the user.

High publishing standards are expensive to maintain.  Keep data up-to-date.  Is the data organized, structured, and utilized by the users.  Wonderful in theory, expensive and difficult to manage in practice.

Know what the employees need to know, are their needs met now, what will cost, where's the return on investment.

Know which content drives your company.

If you don't understand the impact of your content, you don't understand publishing.

End of data.





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