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How to implement a customer relationship management strategy.


Customer relationship management.

Is growing rapidly.

Has been overhyped.

Customer centric.

People and technology.

Critical to successful E-commerce.

Medium and large organizations, small should do it manually.


Frequently asked questions.

What makes a CRM system?

Why is CRM so important to E-commerce?

What are the key benefits of CRM.

Is CRM right for every business.


Making it happened.

Develop a long-term vision and strategy.

Develop a return on investment model.

Talk to your customers.

Talk to your employees.

Insure that employees are properly trained and educated.

Create a single view of the customer.

Carefully consider integration issues.

Selecting a CRM vendor.

The ASP option for CRM.


Common mistakes.

Forgetting about the C in CRM.

Not getting the staff approval.

Inability to adapt CRM solutions quickly.

Lack of senior management's understanding and approval.

Poor integration.

Automation without common sense.


End of data.




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