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Business book readings:.

Conducting an information audit.


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Inventory of the way people and technology mix to make sure that the right information gets to the right people in the right form at the right time.

Measures to evaluate the cost and benefits of the operational system providing it.

Untapped resources, specialist, informational flowcharts, databases, knowledge stores.

Information underutilized, available information, unavailable information, difference between, delivery of information,.

It takes skills and expertise to figure this out.

Information timeliness, relevance, accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

  1. Conduct an internal investigation.
  2. Secure sufficient resources to do the job.
  3. Established a framework of the audit. present information status, who and what, control procedures in place, budget allocation, information not important, information necessary but not available.
  4. establish measures and values in order to assess effectiveness. Cost of acquisition, accuracy, relevance, contribution.
  5. get down to the detail of the audit. Information needed, from whom, created information, stored information, information passed on, purpose and accuracy. Gaps in between.Available resources.
  6. Use the data gathered to map information flows.
  7. evaluate the effectiveness of information resources and activities.Extent, efficiency, positive and negative results, adaptability, good or bad fit, informational gaps, black hole, responsibility.
  8. Report the findings.An individual audit.Understanding of needs, information reviews, adding value to information, information filing, understanding the information flow, information form, reliability, accuracy, informational storage, information availability in the future.Consider the needs of your staff, find a method of relating resources and activities to objectives and targets.Donít use old ideas and methods, just because they were used in the past.


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