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Integrating advertising with other campaigns.


Entities must support each other.

Many companies do not understand how these entities work together.

Integration can save money and make better use of a budget.

The sum is greater than the parts.

Integration campaigns.

Advertising, direct marketing, telemarketing, press information, relationship marketing, sales support, publications.

Remember these  support each other.


Raising awareness, explaining, generating, offers, incentives,follow-up, maintain contact, differentiate offers and products, supplement, viable alternatives, other media, frequency, reinforcing.


Directing sales, maintaining contracts, existing relationships, generating leads, following up, winning back customers, intermediaries, market research,.

Press information:.

Sponsorship,sells support, different market sectors, product sales guides to improve product knowledge. Education of the sales department, competitor profiles.


Relationship marketing, maintaining of, increased account control, loyalty improvement.


Reinforcing of .

Common mistakes:.

Trying to integrate campaigns through separate agencies.

Defining integrated marketing too narrowly,

Failing to use data to plan and control campaigns.

End of data.




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