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The key issues of implementing an E-commerce strategy.


An effective strategy combines many separate elements.

The strategy requires a sophisticated content management system.

Proper marketing will also be needed.


Not every product is well served.

The strategy that seems to work the best, is a clicks and mortar strategy.

Don't underestimate the difficulty involved.


Frequently asked questions.

What products are best suited to the E-commerce.

Products are hard to find locally, do not need to be touched, requiring a lot of information, high-value relative to their cost of fulfillment.


Have difficult visit to establish a selling Web site?

Quite difficult.

International Web sites, require local selling.


Verify, your market exists, start with your own customer base.

Use a clicks and mortar strategy if possible.

Integrate the shopping experience.

Make the system a pleasure to be in.


Plan how you will do the following.

Content, pricing, stop management, fulfillment, payment, returns, support, security.


Develop an easy-to-use purchase process.

Consider localization issues, international issues here.

Consider customer relationship management and personalization.

Make sure you by the right software.

Make sure you have the team in place.

If you do not market, they won't come.


Common mistakes.

Thinking that this is all cheap to do.

Thinking your site has failed because it didn't deliver direct sales.

Thinking that E-commerce is just the same as ordinary commerce.

A poor quality purchase process.

Thinking that all you have to do is put up a product catalog.

Not dealing professionally with legal and security issues.


End of data.




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