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Understanding the key principles of content management.


Content management is a critical function for a modern organization.

Content management includes processes that support creation, editing, and publication of content.

Content management is about the organization.


Frequently asked questions.

Why has content management become so important?

Why has the Web become such important medium for the publication of content.

What are the drawbacks of the Web?


Making it happened.

Develop a core business case.

Example, getting the right content to our staff faster will make them more efficient.

Carry out a situation analysis.

Focus on who is going to read the content.

Identify the content you need.

Develop professional functions, creating, editing, and publishing.

Define the content management team.

Design the information architecture.

Prepared to select the content management software.

Define how everything is going to be measured.


Common mistakes.

Not having a proper business case, or purpose.

Believing that all you have to do is buy software and your problem is solved.

Allowing out of date content to remain on the WebSite.


End of data.




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