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the ultimate resource:

How to promote your WebSite effectively.

Getting started:

promotion is an ongoing activity.

Integration is a key term here.

A range of strategies both online and offline are required.

Skilled resources, and a fully integrated system should be in place.


Companies that have online and offline facilities are doing the best.

This is a clicks and mortar strategy.

Banner advertising:

the jury is still out on this, however prices have dropped.

Getting into the right target market at the right price in the equation makes sense.

Once again the prices have dropped on online advertising.

Making it happened:.

Get yourself linked.  Linking is one of the most powerful ways of promoting your WebSite.

A recommendation can look good.  People have become skeptical of the Internet.

There's no better way to build credibility.  This will help with the search engines also.

Search engines are next:.

There are hundreds of search engines,do some research on this.

Relax, only so many really matter.  I think I am comfortable saying that.

Linking and search engines go together.

Search engines will need to be monitored.

When you add products and services re-register with the search engines.

Do not try to cheat the search engines, they will black list you.

There are different types of advertising such as pop-up ads, unfortunately these can become

frustrating for the users.

Consider email as a form of advertising.  Not spam.  You cannot afford not to.

I believe there is a place for spam, but not in this discussion.

Find your target market.  Build a customer database by email.

Verify your WebSite is efficient and fast loading.  Not to graphical, this will slow it down.

Update your literature at the company, include your WebSite and email address.

Try to find ways for people to visit your WebSite with the promotion techniques.

Keep them up-to-date when you have something to say.

Remember that your home page speaks for the company.

Common mistakes:.

Seeking quantity over quality of visitor.

Focusing strictly on search engines submissions.

Lack of integration with offline marketing.

Lack of ongoing commitment.

Need for support of corporate management, for monitoring, testing and feedback.

End of data.





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