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Voice activation was utilized here, please excuse the typos.


Setting up an extranet.


A private WebSite, between two or more business partners.

Sharing information and resources, intellect, training to name a few.

Speedy delivery is an excellent advantage.

Security would be a key issue.

Up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive information to business partner is now a simple process.

The voice activation software should've said it's not an easy process, but with the correct technology in place it should be.

Hopefully your partners will see in advantage to the system make it more difficult for them to switch to a competitor.

Making it happened:.

My life experience model, for your resellers in the field, or the technicians.  The technicians in the field, often are the guinea pigs of the system.  At times, they're telling the engineers what is happening.  I've been there, done that.

In the perfect world, every technology firm, has one of these specifically for the field crew.  Accessible around the clock.

It's believable but true, the system can place in orbit a multi-million dollars satellite, and offer no tech support, for the field crew.

These are actual stories.

Your clients pay your bills, along with your staff, provide what they need around the clock economically.

Samples of your products and services, spec sheets, voice recordings, fax back systems, live technical support is my favorite.

If I could say one thing to all executives, call into your organization, see how things happen and what actually occurs, was this your plan, is this the way you want to be treated.  Most of these individuals, have no clue, as to what actually happens.

The former three sentences, were my opinion.

Back to the experts.

Partnerships are an excellent application, global operations, language borders, are all applicable.

Confidentiality, and security are issues.

Encryption, and a joint security policy should be in place.

Strategic, tactical and operational plans should all be on paper, monitored and have full executive support.

The system is only as useful as the information it contains.  A new opportunity exists, that never has existed before, it will be worked, it will offer things never before possible, it will be exciting.  Unfortunately, it is a thinking thing.

Simple design, not only do executives failed to check their phone lines, they must also forget to check their WebSite's.

I found local colleges bookstore quicker on a search engine, than at the college WebSite.  Believe it.  It seems like the twilight zone.

The last five sentences, were from me, the story on the end was true.

Remember bandwidth, how long does it take, to get the data needed.  Keep it short and sweet, relevant and to the point.

What about a contract, there is very sensitive information being exchanged here, they recommend a contract, I'd say they're right.

Depending on the situation.  Who owns what, who did that, why did they do it.  Separate conversation here.

End of data.







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