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Implementing statistical process control.



Process variation.  Applied to process, not product.

Quality systems management.



Increased production efficiency.

More consistent product.

Superior reliability.

Finding problems.

Communication is improved.

Improved customer relations.

Better product.



Time to apply.

Old methods in place must be replaced.



1.  Planning and communication of the program.

Securing top management commitment.  Assignment of correct leader.  Include flexible time frames.

Broad resource requirements, communicate regularly.  Training program, a continuous plan.


Locate the process to be tackled.

Research the extent of the problem to be controlled.

To specify objectives and identify the resources, data and training required.

Use the correct methods, plan the equipment materials and expertise for the techniques chosen.

Identify possible causes of the problem, test possible solutions.


2.  Identify appropriate tools and techniques.

Analyze the sequence of steps in process.  Flowcharts, cause and effect diagrams (fishbone), scattered diagrams, histograms, pie charts and bar charts.  Run charts, pareto analysis~ 80-20 rule.  Process performance checks, process performance evaluations, process capability studies.

Control charts, special causes of variations in process.

Attribute charts, (right wrong, pass fail), variables charts.


Correlation and regression analysis.


3.  Establish norms and indicators.

4.  Resource support and prepair procedures.

Must select the correct techniques, for success.  For analyzing also.

5.  Integrate SPC into your quality management system.

6.  Select a winning pilot and don't rush.

The first process can be critical for success.

Identify the current critical variables.  Exercise patience, gathering specific data meticulously, pay attention to detail.

7.  Use the charts for improvement, not just for control.


Follow this.

Defying clear objectives, pinpoint processes, monitor process not product.

Do not do this.

Don't take shortcuts, expertise is vital.  Do not place blame on individuals.  Fix processes, not individuals.


End of data.







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