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How to use videoconferencing effectively.

Voice activation applied, excuse the typos.


With the present-day technology this can be applied economically.

It can save time and money and optimize resources.

It will let you see more people and avoid domination of single or double parties.

Training and education is vital to all parties concerned.

Videoconferencing is still a complex activity, it can work now.

Will some practice, we can all win.

Many people feel awkward in front of a camera, get over it.

Broadband is becoming widely accepted, and available.

Telecommuting will only increase, think of the wasted labor hours stuck on the freeway.

Some of your most successful present-day companies, they use staff which are at home.

Travel budgets are down anyway, itís a changing of the guard, if you donít think about it, chances are your competitor already has.

It saves time and money, less relocation is necessary, it is more people together, quicker.

Itís not just about saving money, but the efficiency.

It will not replace face-to-face meetings, just optimize them.

Meet more often, be ready for the actual face-to-face meeting.

Carry out interviews, provider received training, look into the eyes.

Training is critical, make it mandatory, get involved yourself, and monitor the training.

Have regular demonstrations, promote and making it fun thing.

Examine here, plans and budgets for travel.

Having a pre-meeting video conference.

Remember the bandwidth, capacity of the networking media.

Receive feedback, demonstrations first, hands-on lab, more feedback, modification, modified delivery, more demonstrations, more feedback, endless.

All modern-day computers have the capability to use this product.Enough said.

Make sure security is an issue, have support issues covered, training is crucial.

Slight delay in transmission, many test runs, much opportunity here.

Verify that people are not left out.

Common mistakes:.

There are still things they can go wrong.

Lack of training and understanding.This will breed fear.

Equipment on both sides should be compatible.

Donít try to save $50.

Disregarding this will cost the organization.

End of data.




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