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 Building a Website, principles.

Key issues to consider when designing a Website.

Remember information, not graphics.

People hate to wait, and most will not.

Like my web page, much too large for commercial application.

My home page is approximately 250 KB, it should be 50.

New technologies like DSL will increase this number in the future.

Most people view the web as a library.

The size should be clean, simple, and standardized so people find what they want without delay.

Good page layout, and avoid fancy graphics and multimedia experiences, for now anyway.

Many companies today still did not know what they're Website is to achieve.

Look at, consumers point of view.

Put the editor in charge.  For they understand content.

Design your Website for the visitor.  The consumers past experience with other Website’s might already give them a bad idea.

Make sure the content is well-written, factual, short, and updated.

Make sure the content is well-organized.

Make sure the Website is interactive.  The company's contact details should be prominently displayed at several locations.

Addresses and map should also be provided.  Discussion boards and email discussion boards can enhance the visitor's understanding of your product and/or services.

Email newsletters are economical and easy to use.  Research customer strategies with your product and/or service.  Customers do search by certain methods and techniques.  Essential navigation should be present.  Always have a back link to the home page.

Make the header small and the footer present with relevant information.  Three columns is preferred.  Make your site accessible to the largest possible audience.  Have the effective home page.  Do not use mine as an example.  Consistent page layout and design.

Large fonts, no italic, bold or underline usage. Use small graphics that load fast.  Remember compatibility with other browsers.

You standard colors with hyperlinks and hypertext. Test, test and test again.

Mistakes: trying to get attention, their already there.

Make your Website easily updateable, since that will be required usually.  Skipping gimmicks.

End of data. My input is this: most web sites are a waste of time, an insult to my intelligence, exist with little purpose whatsoever.  That said. The Internet is changing the way the world is everyday and will continue to do so.  It is unbelievable the potential that is available.  The most exciting part is that you can get involved today and in as little as days learn what used to take years.  We are at a position that will be looked at hundreds of years from now as the beginning of the new breed. Our capabilities will be only limited by ourselves and our desires.  Good hunting. end of data




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