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Quality online support, a very small content. Watch for a couple typos?

How to deliver quality online customer service and support.

Customer service is seen as a central concern for e-commerce.

Support options include the email, knowledge-based systems, live chat, and phone back.

The first step is a well-structured Website.

Online support can cause a significant increase in queries.The strategy must be in place for this.

All Websites should have at least some level of customer support available.

All support is expensive, work with your high-value customers.

Know your customerís knowledge base and ability.

Make the Website organized, and easy to surf.

Have frequently asked questions category.

Have help readily available.

Knowledge-based systems, are improving everyday.

Email can be rated and adjusting to accordingly.

Email can be automatically responded to.

Knowledge-based systems can read the email and respond accordingly.

Including human based options.Live chat and instant messaging systems are improving everyday.

Live chat allows for a single phone line for communications while the customers are on the Internet.

Again, remember the capability of your customer.What are you selling?Live chat can be very frustrating, as well as the other automated options.Put yourself in their shoes.

The initial contact person is essential for successful completion.This is very rare.I do not know why.

Callback support.Clientís computer desktops are now accessible for technical support by technicians.

Simplified phone systems will optimize resources.Have some type of structure for completion of technical issues.

My personal opinion is to rotate advanced staff into entry of initial contact for sorting purposes.

Customer service and support are now being exported to other countries.Local staff must be trained or it will simply be outsourced overseas.The writing is on the wall.

Integration is critical; the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.My personal experience here is with the world's largest software company.They outsourced some of their tech support; the problem was the subcontractor had no clue.Spread to thin and lack of communications by corporate managers equaled my disaster experience.

The systems must be monitored, tested, recorded and tested continually.Upper division management should also monitor these calls on a daily basis.They will see what my experience and react accordingly.

Common mistakes include not responding, spending too many resources on low impact queries and lack of proper integration.

The biggest mistake of all is not being able to answer the question.This is unbelievable but happens everyday.

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