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June-September 2003


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From ……….“Business The Ultimate Resource”

ISBN=0-7382-0242-8,~ 2200 pages.

Starting with Action Lists, my interests and input from experience.

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Action Lists

Action Lists,


Action Lists,


Check Lists

Check Lists, cont.

Check Lists, cont.

Best Practices

How to deliver Quality Online Customer Service and Support

Implementing effective

E-Learning in an Organization.

Key Issues of Implementing an E-Commerce Strategy.

Open Systems Thinking

Conducting an Information Audit.

Drawing up a Budget.

Action Learning

Key Principles to Consider when Building a Web Site.

How to use Video-Conferencing effectively.

Implementing a Customer Relationship Mgmt Strategy.

Planning the Replacement of Software Systems


Effective Business Writing.



How to build a Web Site Team.

Exploring Peer-to-Peer Commerce

Day to Day Maintenance of a Web Site.

Six Sigma

Collecting Debts.

Effective Communications: Communicating with Groups.

Finding &




How to Outsource your Web site Operations.

Legal Issues in E-Commerce.

Implementing Effective Internet Security

Shareholder Value Analysis

Controlling a Budget.

Gathering Competitive Intelligence


Understanding the Key Principles of Internet Marketing.

Better Communications with RESELLERS

Key Principles of Content Management


Controlling Costs.

Implementing Statistical Process Control (SPC) 


How to Promote your Website Effectively.

Better Results from your AGENCY

Select a Web Site Hosting Company


Controlling Credit.

Internal Audit


How to make the most out of an Intranet.

Integrating advertising with other Campaigns

How to Verify Content is Professionally Created, Edited and Published.


Designing questionnaires.

Making Rational Decisions


How to establish an Enterprise Portal.

Planning an Advertising CAMPAIGN


Metadata ~






Setting up an Extranet.


Use the Internet






How to ad value through E-Alliances.



Consumer data

on the Internet































































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