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 Website team, building.

How to build a Website team.

All good publications are fueled by content.

The site must be actively marketed and promoted.

Small site may be part-time staff, large site dedicated.

A Website should be managed by an editor.

Information architecture skills are vital.

The need for technical support should not be underestimated.

You must verify the right content is being created.

The information must be edited and published correctly.

Core operations: the right content to the right person at the right time.

Know what information architecture is.

Verify your Website loads quickly in consistently.

Some infrastructures require constant monitoring.  Technical resources include HTML, programming, systems administration and security.

First thing: define requirements.

Are you advertising, selling subscriptions, products, service, promoting items, all the above.

Define the scope of the Website: the people and skills required would depend on the scope.

Managing Editor roles: content, staff, champion the visitor, promote the Website, and report to management, achieving objectives.

Editors roles: commission in purchase content, edited content, clearly communicates, well-written, check for libel, other legal issues, metadata is correct, and review published content.  Remember to pay your staff well.  Compensate more, receive more, if not, replace.

All work is check for accuracy.  All work is check for proper duration.  Rewrite was appropriate.

Staff knows their subject matter. Staff shows enthusiasm, and able to get input to other entities.  Do not forget the summaries and headings of materials, these can say it all.

The company might employ moderators, who can offer editorial and chairperson skills.

The information architect: metadata is crucial.  How the content is classified.  Navigation issues, search issues, layout and design, consistency, and usability.  Regular feedback and usability testing are essential.

IT manager and programmer: systems administrator, HTML coder, graphic designer, remember small elegant and fast downloading graphics that support the presentation and readability.

Define the market in promotion requirements: resources available, search engine registration, third parties, email, newsletters, and development of banner ads.

Common mistakes: The Web is purely technical, not having an editor in charge, treating content as a commodity, not rewarding.




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