Client comments from school operations 1998-2003


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Some of my client comments. All on file

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600+ clients over a five year period.

All comments are on a name optional basis.

Lance, very nicely gave me additional exercises to do. I learned new skills.

Thank you, lance. CHRIS…….click here for a five and fourteen year colleague reference !!

Lance, thanks for being available and for caring. MARY

Lance’s analogies are extremely beneficial and helps us grasp the concept. KRISTI.

I think lance does an outstanding job of running a class on his own. His style of instruction better prepares students for a real world work place. It would be easy for him to pander to students desires to be given the answer or show them the answer. Lance will show them where to find the answer and solve their own problems. This may not be popular, but it sure makes for a better prepared job candidates. That’s my opinion but I believe in being prepared for the future job environment and self sufficiency. JAMES..this one came from a student that left for other reasons, thank you JAMES, lance…

Lance is a hands on kind of guy. DONNA.

Lance has been a great help this week. He answered all questions. DORINA.

I believe Lance wants to be here teaching us. EILEEN.

The first few days I didn’t seem to be getting it. Although now I am getting a lot out of his lectures. TINA.

The instructor has been great, helpful. He offers so much. He stresses how important our time is. A special thanks to lance. NO NAME.

Lance makes it easy with his analogies and his support. JAMIE.

Lance seems to have a lot of computer knowledge. He has a different style. TYRA.

Lance gave a really good lecture and I got a lot out of it. He kept us laughing.


Lance is a real nice man. He could seem to stay with the specific question but I am glad to have him. DOLORES.

Lance, thank you for making it seem hard at first only for us to see how easy it really is. ANGELA.

Lance is great. NO NAME.

Lance was great as usual, do not change. Lance is always looking good. NO NAME.

Lance was very informative even with his cold. NO NAME.

Lance is always entertaining. He explained very well my questions. MARY.

Lance was great this week and helpful even while he was sick. LUCILLE.

Lance is very helpful and always pushing us to do more, which with our situation I believe is good. ANGELA.

Lance, thanks for all your help. BOB.

Lance does care about his students. ELMER.

Lance works with our abilities. LARRY.

Lance has been sick all week but continues to keep his sense of humor. DEBORA.

Lance makes my head spin when he tries to help everyone at once. We would hate to burn him out. NO NAME.

No comments, Lance is great. Lydia.

Lance is a good instructor, a little fast sometimes but he understands we have little or no experience. NO NAME.

Lance is very helpful in my Word class. He really knows it. LUCILLE.

Lance is very helpful and makes sure you understand it. He is here to help us. My opinion is he is great. ROBERT.

I like Lance now, better than when I first started. I feel a better connection. He can be funny and good. DONNA.

Lance’s comparisons and antidotes are great. He is a good instructor. I think he deserves a raise. KATHY.

Lance is a very good instructor. He will show you the answer in the book and the computer. He will also explain it. ELMER

Lance is straight and to the point. This keeps me motivated. His attitude keeps all of us going. MARY.

Lance is very professional and to the point. He tells us no basics, no pass. We have been having computer problems and thank god for lance. DEBORA.

We miss Lance. RACHEAL.

Lance needs to take singing lessons. DAVID.

Lance is in the real world. DAVID.

Lance was great. NO NAME.

I will miss Lance’s animation. NO NAME.

Efficiently concise. Keeps us on track and on time. DANIEL……Email ME

Lance is very helpful and to the point. Lance explains information well. Lance uses great examples in order to help us understand certain areas, so areas are not confusing. I think he is a very good instructor. MARY.

Lance, you are a good instructor. He explains well. FELICIA.

Lance is so busy, sometimes he is running around like crazy. MARIA.

Clear and understandable. SHORTY.

Lance is easy to understand and is great. DAVID.

Lance’s lectures and demonstrations are very helpful. BARBARA.

Lance is always ready to help. He’s good. He doesn’t tell you everything, but overall good. SHARON.

Overall lance does a good job. Can’t read name.

Lance is very self explanatory. I seem to be getting the hang of it. He has been very helpful. I enjoy coming to school. CONNIE.

Class is cool and so is instructor. RON.

Great instructor, Lance keeps us on our toes and in good humor. This helps me not to seriously stress. RACHEAL.

I wish lance would wait for the question to finish before he gives me the answer. TANYA.

Lance is available and helpful. LIZ.

Fast paced and to much in the allotted time. Lance is good and tries his best. RACHEAL.

I like very much the way Lance lectures. He also relates it to the real world and being on the job. ANNA.

Lance works hard. REGINALD.

I am writing this letter to let you know that lance is a great instructor in case you did not already know this. He is willing to put in extra time for the students. I believe not many others would do this…etc……..BOB.

Lance was very helpful with Access and very knowledgeable in it. I appreciate his help. He is always willing when asked for help. NO NAME.

Lance is very helpful, he is interested in our progress. He needs a raise. LARRY.

Lance is continuing to keep us on track and is always ready to answer questions when asked and has a sense of humor. DEBORA.

Lance does go out of his way to show you things on the computer. ELMER.

Lance was very helpful. NO NAME.

Lance, keep up the good job, you were very helpful. ROBERT.

Lance is enjoyable and helpful.

I like my instructor since he is preaching what I need since I am single and must work to support myself. DEBORA.

Lance teaches well and make class fun. Also his comments are very blunt and to the point but not offensive. MARY.

Lance I like your metaphors. The way you tie in real life situations and apply it to our computer training. ANGELA.

Lance is a good instructor. He will show you things on the computer and tell you information to help yourself. ELMER.

Lance helps anytime we need it. He does not make us feel inferior toward the computer. ROBERT.

Lance is a good instructor. Maintains empathy about what must be understood.

Lance I want to thank you for sharing your experience, your teaching skills, but most of all your knowledge. It has been a pleasure to be in your class. I can honesty feel I have experienced a new understanding in the educational field of computers. I owe my confidence and my knowledge to you. Thank you for your patience, understanding and kindness. BLANCA.

Lance has been especially helpful. He helped me on finding a job and on vocabulary. Jay.

Lectures with lance very informative. CONNIE.

Lance is awesome, nice and funny. I like listening to him. CLAUDIA.

Lance gives real world lessons instead of strictly academic. His lectures (on own time) were very informative. I find this to be what I need. CAROL.

Lance on his own time tried to meets the needs of all students on his own. EPERANZA.

Lance discussions on Windows were very informative and I look forward to the next one. RICK.

Lance’s lectures are thorough. LIOTTA.

Lances lectures are very helpful. LEANNE.

Lance, on his own time was very helpful. RENEE.

The lectures are great, I wish they had been sooner. CAROLYN.

Lance makes my hardest stuff, Access easier to understand. I completed several lessons with him. I have a learning disability. JANE.

Laid back except for lance. Really serious about teaching. NO NAME.

Lance is brilliant, his lectures are very detailed and helpful. ANITA.

Lance came in for a half of a day and gave some really good need to know info. He is really nice also. His instruction is to the point. I am very glad to be here. DINA.

Lance worked very hard to meet our needs. We covered a lot of information and terms. He worked very hard this week. LINDA.

Lance’s lectures gives me confidence knowing the computer. CLAUDIA.

Lance did an excellent job with our questions and giving lectures. Lance offers a lot of motivation when you need it. He also tests our knowledge and I get a lot of work done. LINDA.

Lance, please give us more lectures. Thank you. Outstanding lance. TERESA.

Lance is a wonderful teacher. I have learned a lot from him. He always has something to say and always has an answer for any question. AMY.

I worked on the hardest part of the book and with no problems. The course was very clear with lance and had no challenges. NO NAME.

Lance was very clear and knowledgeable and I truly appreciate his help. NO NAME.

Lance is very knowledgeable. Unfortunately he is over our heads. By Friday he was talking at our level. NO NAME. 

Lance Lawson is number 1. NO NAME.

Lance is awesome. By the time we are finished he tells us we will be able to build a car and it will not be a yugo. PAM.

Lance helps prepare us for the real world. ANNA.

Lance is very patient and helpful, good lectures, helps us understand many things. ERIC.

Lance speaks clearly and understandably. SHORTY.

Lance wants us to learn and this is great for me. NO NAME.

Lance teaches with urgency. NO NAME.

Lance is an excellent instructor. NO NAME.

Lance has been busy trying to help everyone. I am glad to have his windows lectures on explorer. He is doing a great job helping everybody out. Amy

The courses I’ve had this week have been great, I have been learning a lot. Tina

Lance gave us some homework and it really helped us a lot. He helps me put it all together.

His hands on instruction is great. Debra.

Appreciate lances methods, it seems to be coming all together. No name.

Lance Lawson does an exceptional job of instruction to a large class. Each student has their own needs and lance seems to adjust to all. His sense of humor keeps tension down in class.


Lance: The bottom line is that you are a good teacher. You do have to many students at one time. We like the lectures in small groups. He tries hard. Eileen.

Lance has been very helpful and I do enjoy his class.

Lance worries about offending to much. He should lighten up on himself and teach. Tina.

I would like to thank lance for his patience. Often he is pulled in different directions at once. He helps during his lunch hour. Thank you lance….Angela.

The instructor treats me with respect. DONNA.

Lance, friendly, sometimes sarcastic without meaning to be. Needs to smile more. Goes off subject sometimes. Jokes a lot which is good and keeps class relaxed and we smile at each other. PAT.

I reiterate that Lance is a great instructor. Brenda

Lance is a great instructor and very knowledgeable. no name

Lance is extremely patient and helpful. He always bring laughter to the class in a professional manner. Karen

Lance has a good demeanor and is easy going. no name

I think Lance has a really good heart even though at times he pretends not to. He really wants you to learn. no name

Patient, understanding and thorough. Philip

Lance is very patient with his students, he will go over and over until they get it.

Lance is very helpful and he puts up with a lot and always has a smile.

Lance’s patience with each student is remarkable. It doesn’t matter what their level is.

Lance is very knowledgeable.





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