250 semester units completed by 9-1-2002

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Lawson completed coursework AS, BS, MS.

Modesto Junior College: … AS Engineering…………..CSUS BS, MS, scroll down




Business cont.

Mechanical Drafting

Chemistry 1+ years

Introduction to Business

Principles of Marketing

Descriptive Geometry

Math Algebra 1 year

Business Information Systems

Networking Computers

Engineering Graphics

Physics 1+ years

Small Business Operations

Computer Graphics

Properties of materials / lab


Business Law


Construction Estimating

Analytical Geometry / Precalculus

Microcomputer Hardware


Dos batch, unix 



Microcomputer Software


Partial course completion in


Economics 1 year






 Additional statics course 

Computer Software 82-92, click here

Accounting, financial and managerial

Summer 2002

Social Psychology


Computer Software 92-96, click here

Computer Accounting

Fall 2002

Supervision and Research Strategies (2)


Computer Software 97-2003, click here

Spreadsheet Software


Stanislaus State University. CSUS

BS Business Administration, Computer Information Systems and Operations Management concentrations.

MBA Marketing and Global Operations completed also.



Operations Management


Management of Info Systems

Finite Math



Programming, Visual Basic

International Business

Quantitative Analysis

Executive Training and MBA

Training 2000-2002
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Database Management Systems

Business Finance

Production-Operations Management

Decision Support

Business Technical

Total Quality Control

Red Cross:
CPR / First Aid / Liaison / Intro to Disaster Services.

System Analysis and Design

Organization and Environment

Planning and Control Systems


Cobol Programming

Business Policy

Productivity Management

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Information Systems Management

MBA Strategic Marketing

MBA Global Operations


Decision Support Project

Management Theory



University of Advanced Research : MBA Online Program






Organizational Theory

Strategic Management

Financial Accounting

Managerial Accounting

Business Law








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Other courses and training seminars

Class room management

Customer Service

Teacher Training

Personal Trainer (gym)

Computer applications (several)


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Disaster Training