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Frana Hamilton

Modesto, California 95356


                  April 20, 2004


                  To Whom It May Concern:


                  It was my privilege to work with Lance Lawson for five years at Community Business

                  School LLC.


                  I noted Lance to be a hard worker who was able to build rapport with his students and

                  who showed genuine concern for their progress in their studies.  His concern for their

                  well-being was demonstrated as he bent every effort to help them find employment after

                  their graduation.


                  My husband I both find Lance to be a good-hearted young man who is always ready to

                  lend a helping hand.  We consider him to be a good friend.




                  Frana Hamilton, Instructor

                  Community Business College









This letter of recommendation is written on behalf of Lance Lawson.  I was a student in Lance’s class that involved teaching a wide variety of students “Basics in Computer Applications” for business, at the Community Business School, Modesto CA, in 1998.


He was a dedicated instructor, with a lot of tremendous drive, and extremely knowledgeable in the computer field. He is affable, sincere, and easy to get along with.  I highly recommend him for any position

in any organization that would want to utilize his skills.





Seth Mante, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Biology Department

California State University, Stanislaus

(209) 667-3838


April 28, 2004




My business dealings began in 1990 with Lance Lawson at Aroma Tech Inc, Modesto California.

Since that time he purchased equipment and labor and later introduced me to the director of the vocational school, he was working for (1998). From the period between 1998 and 2003, he (representing the school and other customers) purchased over 100 computers from my company.

I found Lance Lawson to be a straight forward individual.



Manager - Data Computer, Inc.

209-575-3388 x310


       April 22, 2004


                   To Whom It May Concern:


                   I attended Community Business School to brush up on my computer and business skills.

                   While I was there, I had the pleasure of having Mr. Lance Lawson for an instructor.  One

                   of the things I enjoyed most about being in his class was the enthusiasm and motivation

                   he brought to all his students.  I found him to be very approachable with any questions his

                   students might have and no matter how many times the same question was asked it was

                   answered with the same positive manner though out.


                   In my eagerness to learn all I could while I was there I arrived for class early and left late.

                   I noticed Lance was always there before I was and still there when I was leaving for the

                   day.  Since Lance was there everyday and more than willing to help I began to go to him

                   for extra assignments.  Lance provided instructional information beyond what was

                   required for the class.  His assistance was extremely valuable and greatly appreciated.


                   I consider Lance a person of strong character, able to work with people of varying

                   backgrounds and personality styles.  He is friendly in nature and helpful in any way asked

                   of him.  I would not hesitate to recommend Lance.  I believe he would be a valuable asset

                   to any organization.





                   Chris Kampfen

                   Legal Clerk

                   Stanislaus County District Attorney Office


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