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Operator Analysis

The process was making anti-fog glass. Multiple sheets of glass were used with a heating wire stretched between them. Electrodes were then connected for successful operation. 

The operation included 19 steps with fabrication, 18 transportation trips and a single inspection. The author was impressed with the amount of transportation trips necessary, I was not. A total of 81 meters were covered by the operator during this operation.

The improvement plan was to stop the excessive trips needed to get small items for the process. This would not only save foot traffic but cut traffic considerably for the operator. The layout of supporting material was changed and some pieces were precut and the dispensers put on wheels.

The improvement was a reduction of steps by 30 percent but the most saving were in distances covered which saved foot traffic by 50 %. The overall time saving was also 50%. 

There is still to much transportation going on. A conveyor system ,maybe portable could be used. Consolidate some of these processes into a single workstation where not only speed will increase but so will worker endurance. Maybe larger tables and more carts for supplies and materials were help. I would believe there is no reason to bring anything back to a previous workstation, unless the processes require high heat or dangerous methods for completion. If an operator has to travel ,it should be for his vacation.