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Operations Management,  Information Systems, and Engineering experience.

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My work examples below. Book and Table formats…2009 Performance Review, click here.

125 work examples  BOOK FORMAT, CIS / OM / Engineering,      (my choice,  Loads slow, click right here)

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 Reviews from 600 students and clients.


Microsoft MCP 1998
State vocational instructor. 1998-2012
Computer Technician A+ certified 1999
Network+ certified 2001
Internet+ certified 2002
Server+ certification ~ 3/2004
Auditor certified ~The Home Depot 2005
Security+ certification 5/2006
Project Management+ 2011
Cisco CCENT 2013

Executive training  -MBA 2000-2003

Executive training, click here.

Your own remote facilities  



10 yrs School Operations and teaching.

6 yrs Mechanical Fabrication.

4 yrs Retail Computers-Electronics.

5 yrs Hospitability-Restaurants.

25 years with computers.

2004-05 action: Warehousing, logistics and auditing. ~ THE HOME DEPOT. Transfer facility with 150 truck docks.

2006-puttin it all together…


 College Coursework, here, 250 semester units.

 Degrees, licenses, references and certifications. (loads slowly)




Certified Personal Trainer, 2002, for a summary of the certification exam, click here.


Some Action Pics here

Class and training


Old Business Research links…



Mail me, click here

Software Experience, click on the years. …

1982 – 1992

1993 – 1996

1997 – 2004

2005-2009 in process.

Current Projects 2003-04

2003…Continuous.. readings: ---Business The Ultimate Resource, ---  summaries --- click here,….great text for broad coverage now !!

6-25-03  …..Summary of Construction Inspection Manual. , to add to my fabrication background.

Microsoft Certification Exam 70-300, System Analysis and Design, ~ Microsoft Solutions Framework MSF, Click Here…..

Visit the Microsoft Solutions Framework at http://www.microsoft.com/msf, or

my copy here  …MS White Paper here on IT Occupation Classification,.

Microsoft MCSE 2000, including Pro, Server, Directory Services, Network Design and Admin.

Office Pro 2003 beta including InfoPath and OneNote. MS Windows XP and 2003 Server beta.

Enterprise Software Research, EIS, ERP, MRP, CMMS, CRM, BI,

Update skills with AutoCAD 2000, Visio Pro 2002. Microsoft Project 2000

Physical training program at Gold’s Gym. 

TEXT Read and Readings 2002-2004 below: click on desired.

Barron’s Review Series: Operations Management… refresher in OM.

Some Executive Decision methods and Links here

MS Press: ( Understanding E-Commerce )

Osborne: ( Information Technology Professional Guide )

Milo Sobel ( 12 Hour MBA )……..…

Prentice Hall ( One Day MBA in Finance and Accounting )

MS Press: Microsoft Project 2000

Bill Gates ( Business at speed of thought )

Soaring with the Phoenix

2005-Distribution facility experience w/~ The Home Depot, supplying 90 stores w/ over 30,000 truckloads a year.

Computer updating with wireless, auditing, and (ethical hacking) practices.

2006-Looking for new applications and experiences.

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