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JobWeb The most comprehensive job search/career planning site on the Internet. Owned and operated by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, a not-for-profit professional association.

4WORK Current career openings listed by Fortune 5000 corporate clients, searchable by State, Company and Position.

Adams JobBank The site of Adams Media Corporation, publisher of the JobBank books (e.g. Boston JobBank, Atlanta JobBank).

America's Job Bank Links to 2,000 state Employment Service offices. It provides job seekers with a pool of active job opportunities available all over the country. Contact information is not provided, only a job number. Job seekers are required to bring the job number to a state employment agency in order to apply for positions.

Business Software Alliance This site offers an employment index with links to job opportunities in technical and nontechnical disciplines; it also provides job-search materials.

CareerBuilder This site provides links to participating employers and to job postings. Job seekers can search the job posting data base by a variety of criteria, including location and salary range.

CareerCity Jobs Job listings for professional, technical, and managerial positions; newsgroup job listings; and corporate recruiting links.

Career Magazine An online publication about jobs, employment, and careers.


CareerPath This site features a data base combining the help wanted listings from 21 newspapers in 19 major cities.

CareerSite This free site has a variety of national and international job listings from Fortune 50 companies to small/midsize companies, as well as an association with over 100 newspapers in the Northeast that list all their classified want ads on the site.

CareerWEB Jobs, employment, and careers.

The Catapult Housed on JobWeb and operated by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, this collaborative effort offers significant resources and links for graduating students, college career services professionals, and HR/staffing professionals.

College Grad Job Hunter This site provides job-search information.

Direct Marketing World's Job Center Provides space for employers to post job openings and for job applicants to post resumes.

E-SPAN Employment site. Also includes career and job-search information.

High Technology Career Magazine

Intellimatch This site offers a searchable data base of job opportunities for job hunters and resumes of job seekers for employers. Job seekers use a special resume form to join the free data base.

Job Vacancies Outside of Academe This is a direct link to a part of the site of the Chronicle of Higher Education.


JobCenter JobCenter offers online entry of resumes from job seekers or job ads from recruiters. Online searching and updating is also supported. All jobs ads and resumes are automatically distributed to USENET newsfeeds on a weekly basis.

JobNet Maintained by West Georgia College, this is a collection of job-related resources on the Internet.

JOBTRAK An online computer network comprised of job listings, company profiles and student/alumni resumes. Access to job postings is limited to colleges who have enrolled in the service.

Main Quad Resume Drop This site allows students to send their resumes directly to 150+ companies.

MedSearch America

Monster Jobs on the Web

NationJob Online Jobs Database Listings from around the United States.

Online Career Center A not-for-profit organization that handles employment advertising for human resource management. Postings are searchable by location, job title, keyword, and company name.

Purdue University - Internet Sites for Job Seekers and Employers A meta-site of job search and career-related links. Primarily a site that links to recruiters' job/career information on other sites to help the recruiters build traffic to their listings.

The Riley Guide Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet

Saludos Web: National Job Listings

Space Jobs Employment opportunities in the space industry worldwide. Free to job seekers, this service provides online search capabilities and the ability to receive postings by e-mail.

StudentCenter This site offers a data base of 35,000 companies plus career planning and job-search information and tips.

Teach for America - WWW home of the national teacher corps.

TOPjobs USA Listings for professional, managerial, and technical jobs.

International Job Listings

JobWeb Jobs and Career Opportunities JobWeb provides you with access to a variety of data bases; use the keyword search capability to narrow your search to international opportunities.

Asia-Net This site is a clearinghouse for Asia-related jobs.

Calcutta Online This site provides job opening and resume information for jobs in India and the United States as well as elsewhere.

Career China Maintained by GlobalVillager, this provides job opening and job wanted information related to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Pacific Rim.

Central Services Unit The home page for the organization that aids students in the UK with career planning and employment.

Cumbria Careers Ltd. Information about and resources for employment in Cumbria.

Employment Australia

Hong Kong Jobs Job opportunities in Hong Kong.

ICEN (International Career Employment Network) An international network maintained by Indiana University.

Information Technology Institute Technical positions in Singapore.

International Civil Service Commission The home page for the International Civil Service Commission of the United Nations. The site includes employment information, including salary/benefit data, and job vacancies within the ICSC.

The Irish Jobs Vacancies Page

Job Links Links to job sites in Europe and around the world.

JobServe This site includes information on IT jobs in the UK.

Opportunities with the United Nations The site for the Office of Human Resources Management for the United Nations, New York.

Overseas Jobs This site features links to employment resources in more than 40 countries.

Physics World Jobs Institute of Physics Publishing.

Prosper Wales A data base of employer details, current vacancies, and placement schemes in Wales. This system contains details of more than 5,000 employers in Wales and may be searched according to location, core business, or selected job type.

Telstra's Guide to Australian Employment Resources

THESIS The home page of the Times Higher Education, a weekly higher education newspaper for the UK.

TKO Personnel Inc. An online guide to recruiting and international careers in Japan and the Asia/Pacific.

Vacancies in International Organizations Maintained by the Permanent Mission of Italy, this site offers links to the job vacancy listings of a variety of international organizations.

WebEc Reference Shelf Worldwide job openings in economics.

The World Wide Web Employment Office includes job listings in business, biotechnical, computer science, engineering, environmental, medical, nuclear, petrochemical, scientific, and technical areas. This site is maintained by The Office Annex.


New Jersey's Job Bank

New York Dept. of Labor Employment Opportunities

Employment Page Via the Cambridge FreeNet, Cambridge, MA.

Massachusetts Job Search

Pennsylvania Careers Online Maintained by Help Wanted-USA.

PhillyWorks Provides information and resources for those seeking career and employment information in the Philadelphia area.

Rhode Island Job Bank

Vermont Job Listings


Florida Sentinal Help-wanted ads.

Georgia Job Bank

Louisiana's Educational/Teacher Job Listings

North Carolina Career and Employment Resource Center

Charlotte's Web Charlotte, NC

North Carolina Job Service

Job Vacancies North Carolina Office of State Personnel

Northern Virginia Career Center Maintained by Help Wanted-USA.

The Raleigh News & Observer

Jobs in Tennessee

Virginia Employment Commission - Job Search


Chicago Tribune Career Finder Help-wanted ads.

NationJob Online Jobs Database Sponsored by NationJob, this contains jobs open around the United States.

Jaeger Interactive Career Center Regional employers and job listings, primarily in Ohio.

Job Vacancies Wisconsin Department of Employment Relations

Omaha CareerLink an information and database resource sponsored by the AIM Institute and the Labor Availability Council-Technical Committee of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. It is a community service open to all.

South Dakota Job Service

Utah Dept. of Employment Security -- Job Service

WorkWeb Sponsored by the Private Industry Council in Columbus, OH.

Wisconsin Employment Bureau

Wisconsin Job Net

Wyoming Job Bank


Idaho Jobs

Montana Job Service

Oregon State Job Listings

Washington Employment & Job Web Pages Jobs available in Washington State.


Arizona Careers Online maintained by Help Wanted-USA

JobsJobsJobs -- searchable database, formerly Bay Area Jobs

California Career and Employment Center

California Civil Service Employment Information

California State University Employment Board Faculty and administrative positions open throughout the CSU system

City of Austin, Texas Job Listings

Classified Gateway San Francisco Chronicle & Examiner classified ads.

San Jose Mercury News Employment Classifieds


JObWeb The most comprehensive job search/career planning site on the Internet with nearly 500 resources. Owned and operated by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, a not-for-profit professional association.

Best Bets from the Net provides a subject index and descriptions to many of the better developed employment resources found on the Internet (by Philip Ray and Bradley Taylor)

CareerNET by the Career Resource Center. This is a very comprehensive site, with links to 100s of job and career related resources.

Employment Opportunities & Job Resources One of the original guides listing employment resources on the internet.

JobHunter a comprehensive list of on-line resources maintained by Dane Spearing of Stanford University

Jobs contains some unique job resources; maintained by Joe Walker of North Carolina State University

Jobs via Rice University an impressive list of resources found on Gophers all over the Internet-- updated weekly

Rensselaer Career Resource Homepage maintained by Jasmit Singh Kochhar, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Yahoo's - Employment Jobs Directory a list of nearly 200 web sites that post jobs

Yahoo's - Employment Services Directory

Internet Guide to Job Hunting (by Jim Neumeister) TEXT version

FIELD work


Arts and Humanities

  • Job Openings for Economists (JOE) The electronic version of JOE is published as a service of Vanderbilt University. (Current and comprehensive. Academic, non-academic, and governmental positions. Most require Ph.D. or upper level experience. Also includes listings for positions overseas.)
  • American Psychological Society Job Listings This gopher site is maintained at Hanover College. (Most positions are with academic organizations, however, there are some listings within industry for Psychologist.)


  • JobWeb - Owned and operated by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, a not-for-profit professional association.
  • Airline Employee Placement Service
  • 100 Careers in Wall Street provides information on job openings at various financial institutions -- limited scope.
  • CareerMosaic -- Bernard Hodes Advertising; most opportunities in high tech firms; includes company profiles. (Includes a some entry level positions -- mostly high tech and engineering. Includes a search engine for the Jobs. Offered Usenet group. (The site is big on graphics)
  • Help Wanted Division of YSS (Your Software Solution, Inc.) provides a job posting service for variety of corporations including high tech and financial services. (A few entry level positions, the vast majority are highly technical positions.)
  • IndustryNet (On-line magazine to new developments in the computer industry; includes job postings, though most entry-level postings are technical/sales positions. Subscription is free.)
  • International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans Positions in employee benefits, human resources, and compensation, searchable by position title, posting date, and geographic location.
  • Monster Board Yet another advertising firm providing an employment service to its high tech clientele; opportunities in technology and business; most listings are east coast firms. (A few entry level positions, the vast majority are high technical positions.)
  • T&D Business Showcase - Job Market Job opportunities in Training and Development -- limited job listings.
  • Transaction Information Systems -- The TIS Hot Jobs Page is a list of consulting jobs within the company, mostly technical, updated every Monday -- limited openings, but good links.
  • Yahoo's Business Employment Directory - links to employers who provide job listings from their corporate home pages. (Most positions listed are technical.)


  • Federal Jobs Database Comprehensive and easy-to-use, jobs are searchable by both keyword and state -- a JobWeb service of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).
  • FedWorld -- jobs listed for Department of Interior and Office of Personnel Management (OPM jobs are ftp files listed by state. Updated daily.)
  • State Government / / (from the Greater Columbus Freenet, State of Ohio employment opportunities: comprehensive and up to date)
  • FEDIX / -- This Federal Information Exchange provides a link between government and higher education. Contains large amount of information for Minorities. Contains information on many employment opportunities, internships, and fellowships from participating agencies.
  • Government Job Opportunities in Florida

Communication and Media


  • JobWire -- jobs for college career service professionals via the National Association of College and Employers (NACE)
  • JobWeb's Database of U.S. School Districts (a searchable database of 16,588 U.S. School Districts)
  • Academic Employment Network - K-12 job, but a start.
  • (APN) Academic Position Network -- Job openings from colleges around the world.
  • California State University Employment Board
  • CAUSE The service is intended for positions in information resources related to higher education. CAUSE, the association for managing and using information resources in higher education. Does include some opportunities in other industries as well.
  • Chronicle of Higher Education -- There are some entry level positions in the "administrative positions" category; for example in admissions. Otherwise, most positions require advanced degrees and/or experiences.
  • Career Corner -- Teaching and administrative positions in independent schools, sponsored by ISM (Independent School Management)
  • Education Placement Service - Teaching and administrative jobs...primarily in Missouri. Slow.
  • K-12 Jobs -- Maintained by the University of Minnesota. Most jobs in MN, and some in WI. Quite a few secondary education jobs.
  • Job Listings in Academia by Dan Knauft of the University of Texas. Includes a number of resources helpful for finding employment in academia.
  • Education Job Openings includes listings of education opportunities nationwide (primarily in the Midwest), maintained by NationJob
  • Project Connect - A new a national cooperative venture between school districts and colleges -- sponsored by the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA) and the American Association for Employment in Eduation (AAEE). Subscription requests for the AAEE Listserv should be routed to: NVickers@Chickasaw.AState.Edu
  • Women in Higher Education Career Page
  • U. Minnesota College of Education -- Jobs; grades K-12; most listings are in Minnesota and the midwest.
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language -- via City U. of New York; includes exchange programs, employment opportunities and information on TESOL (the limited number of job postings are with the Peace Corps. There is also a listserv called TESL-L that includes discussions and job openings. Send e-mail to: LISTSERV@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU

Health Care

HospitalWeb -- Small, but growing.

Medical/Health Care Job Openings -- Not extensive, but includes listings from hospitals and medical centers nationwide (primarily in the Midwest), maintained by NationJob

MedSearch America -- Health Care Employment -- hundreds of current listings nationwide, including many entry level postions. Very well organized.

Mayo Clinic Online Career Center -- Current opportunities in clinical, research and education programs at sites in Jacksonville, Florida; Rochester, Minnesota; and Scottsdale, Arizona. (Updated every 2 weeks. Coming attractions include: CURRENT career opportunities, ONGOING career opportunities, Frequently asked questions regarding employment at Mayo, Mayo job posting resources, Diversity and mutual respect at Mayo, Career tips and techniques.

NIH (National Institute of Health) Senior Job Opportunities -- This site advertises senior job opportunities in science, medicine and research administration at the National Institutes of Health.

Pharmacy Week -- Employment site for pharmacists.

Physicians Employment -- Job openings for physicians in all specialties (select the Submit button leaving fields blank if you prefer not to register your name)

Pohly's Internet Guide - Healthcare Employment Resources Links to sites for jobs in healthcare.


  • NavyJobs. -- For info on job opportunities, skill training, money for college and travel in today's high-tech Navy.


Good Works: A Guide to Social Change Careers The state by state job listings in the not-for-profit sector are organized by the Goodworks staff and then posted to this web site.

Philanthropy Journal -- Monthly listing of fund-raising and development jobs within various not-for-profit organizations. The last 3 months of the journal had about 25 listings, 4-5 of which could be considered entry level, most positions are at the executive level but there may be a few at the entry level.

Social Work and Social Services Jobs--Created by Career Services at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis.


Law Employment Center maintained by the National Law Journal

Job listings for Attorneys gopher site maintained by the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Paralegal Opportunities -- by the National Federation of Paralegal Association (descriptions are very brief)

Science and Technology

Careers in Mathematics - Great career- and job-related resources for the math student/gradute. Maintained by Purdue University

Job in Mathematics. Maintained by Dartmouth University.

ACM SIGMOD's Job Listings -- Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Management of Data. Provides a listing of jobs in computer science and engineering. Most positions require advanced degrees though there are some that require high technical proficiency, but not an advanced degree.

American Mathematical Society / / for employment information click on the Professional Information and Services button; postings are mostly in Higher Education, though, there are some corporate postings. (Very up to date, comprehensive and well organized)

Aquatic Science Jobs -- by American Society of Limnology and Oceanography

American Astronomical Society; -- A professional organization in North America for astronomers and other scientists and individuals interested in astronomy. (Most listings are for lectureships or post docs.)

BIOSCI. -- Jobs in Biological Sciences. The large majority of positions require at least a masters. Many listings are for post-docs. The technical listings tend to require experience.

Computer Software/Systems Job Openings includes job listings nationwide (primarily in the Midwest), in the Computer and Software industry. This site is maintained by NationJob

Environmental Careers Organization -- Good career training opportunities.

Engineering/Manufacturing Job Openings includes listings of engineering opportunities nationwide (primarily in the Midwest), maintained by NationJob

Positions in entomology -- by L.B. Bjostad and J.K. VanDyk of Colorado State U.; includes graduate assistantships, faculty appointments and research positions.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. - Employment Services

Forest Products Job Board -- by Phil Steklenski of U. of Minnesota; contains part-time, summer, co-op, and full-time opportunities from forest products companies and placement firms. (Limited postings)

High Technology Careers Magazine

HotJobs -- listings of technical jobs.

International Computer Professional Associates

Optical Society of America Home Page -- An association for professionals in a variety of disciplines--linking the optics and photonics community worldwide. Most positions require a Ph.D., others require at least a BA and three years experience.

The Virtual Job Fair Search Engine Resources for the career-conscious technical professional. Find career opportunities, links to high-tech employers home pages, job fair venues, a high-tech career magazine, and an online job search/retrieval system.

Physics Jobs Announcements -- All positions for post-docs, lectureships or faculty.

Science Jobnet-- This service provides a complete listing of classified ads pubished in the current issue of Science Magazine. A service of American Association for the Advancement of Science

TechCareers-- A resource guide for the technical job seeker.

Water Online -- Devoted to the water and wastewater industry, this site provides information about employment opportunities plus additional resources.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution -- Job listings. High level positions only.

Summer And Intern Work

Summer Jobs

JobWeb EMPLOYER DIRECTORY and JOB POSTINGS -- be sure to select Summer under Job Type

Seasonal Employment maintained by Cool Works(sm) includes seasonal employment opportunities in National Parks and Ski Resorts: Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Acadia, Vail, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain, Mesa Verde, Denali, Big Sky, Sun Valley, Mount Rainier, Mt. Rushmore and Winter Park

Summer Jobs via California Polytechnic State University

Summer Jobs -- a little light on the jobs, but expected to grow.

College Pro Painters

Internships and Fieldwork

JobWeb EMPLOYER DIRECTORY and JOB POSTINGS -- be sure to select Internship under Job Type

Archaeological Fieldwork (via Cornell University)

Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship The Scoville Fellowship provides stipends for college graduates to spend four to six months working for a non-profit organization in Washington, DC on a range of issues involving nuclear and conventional arms control and disarmament, international security and related issues.

INROADS - A truly successful program to reach out to minority youth.

Internships in Youth Development Agencies -- Pretty good site with myriad opportunities for liberal arts/social sciences students, etc.

Internship listings from around the country (via University of Virginia)

Intern-Net...small, but viable.

Learn and Serve America Learn and Serve America supports service-learning programs that address local needs in education, public safety, human services, and the environment. Service-learning involves students in service to communities as part of their academic experience.

Regional, Nat'l & Int'l Internships (via Drake University)

Smithsonian Internships Opportunities Each of the Smithsonian's museums and many of it's research institutes and offices offer internships for summers and post grad. This web site coordinates a centralized internship application referral service to all Smithsonian internships programs and also a fellowship program on museum practices.

The Washington Center (Washington, DC) - programming and internships in the nation's capital.


AmeriCorps AmeriCorps is a new national initiative that involves people of all ages and backgrounds in strengthening America's communities through service. Site include program descriptions, lists of benefits and examples of volunteer activities.

Corporation for National Service The Corporation for National Service, created by the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993, engages Americans of all ages and backgrounds in service to their communities. The umbrella agency for AmeriCorps, Learn and Serve America, and the National Senior Service Corps. The Corporation provides a broad range of opportunities for Americans to serve our communities and our nation.

Interaction InterAction is a coalition of over 150 US-based non-profits working to promote human dignity and development in 165 countries around the world. This site is a good resource of international organizations and volunteer options.

Peace Corps the official homepage for the agency.

Project America a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and teach people across the country to take positive steps to improve their own communities, and to facilitate partnerships between volunteers and the organizations that need them.b

VISTA Web / / maintained by VISTA Alumni, VISTA Web contains information about applying to VISTA (Volunteer Service to America), getting VISTA Volunteers for an agency, VISTA Alumni contacts, VISTA Volunteer Opportunities, and links to on-line resources for national service/non-profit workers. VISTA web also contains links to AmeriCorps Information, and Service Learning resources.

The White House Fellowships Each year 11 to 19 men and women serve for one year as full-time paid employees of the Federal government, working as special assistants to senior White House staff and Cabinet officials.


Index and Search Tools for Jobs Posted to Newsgroups

CareerMosaic provides several search tools, including a tool to search jobs posted in various newsgroups.

CareerCity Newsgroup Job Listing This newsgroup search engine indexes 100+ job newsgroups.

National Career Search: Career Magazine downloads and indexes job postings from newsgroups. Postings are searchable by location, job title, and/or skills required. (mostly technical but does include others). Site includes articles on job search and host a discussion forum.

Newsgroups to Monitor: National job postings in the biological sciences another group to monitor for computer software/hardware and engineering jobs, mostly posted by third party executive recruitment firms. job listings for short-term contract software development jobs, and technical writing jobs. job postings for entry-level positions in high-tech companies, these include sales, customer service, part-time and work-at-home jobs. job hunters help group, information is traded on resume writing, interviewing, etc. Information traded on working environment at various firms. programming, software, engineering and sales jobs, mostly posted by third party executive recruitment firms.


Newsgroups to Monitor: Regional and International

A comprehensive list of regional, national and International newsgroups is compiled by Margaret Riley in her guide Employment Opportunities and Job Resources. Listed below is a sample of some of the groups found in the guide. You probably will not have access to all of the newsgroups listed. If a group is important to you, see your local system administrator about the possibility of subscribing to it.

United States


Other Countries

The following are commercial search firms and employment agencies. The contact information on the jobs listed at these sites are not posted and you must apply for positions through the agency.

Headhunters and Search Firms

Advanced Search Group -- This search firm specializes in engineering and operations management.

CareerSite -- An Ann Arbor, MI based company providing job search and employment recruitment services on the net nationwide

CareerWeb -- Maintained by Huntington Group, a professional search firm for the high-tech industry. Positions are mostly in the northeast.

Comprise - a technical recruiting firm

Drake Beam Morin, INC

Educational Placement Service -- (EPS) is a teacher placement service handling teachers, specialists, and administrators. The services is accredited by the National Association of Teacher Agencies. The Web site also includes EPS: National Educators Employment Review Monthly Publication Featuring K-12 positions nationwide.

Employment Edge -- a placement agency specializing in upper management opportunities. Resume are submitted to the agency by e-mail or FAX and not directly to the employer.

International Computer Professional Associates -- San Francisco, CA based company, ICPA is an international firm which specializes in recruiting finance, software, telecommunications and operations professionals for multi-national companies-recruits for jobs mainly in the Pacific Rim (especially in Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore-.

Internet Professional Association

JobServe - The Job Server -- Computer contract recruitment agencies from all over the UK fax us their latest requirements. We enter the details into a database, generate a neatly formatted list and send it out, overnight, to anyone who wants it. Also distributed by electronic mail.

Kunin Associates -- Search firm providing opportunities in accounting, financial and bookeeping.

Price Jamieson -- A placement agency in the UK; resume are submitted to the agency. The site includes general info on jobs listed in these catagories: media, marketing, healthcare, P.R., design, international and communications (entry level postings are limited, if available). Worthwhile site for those with permission to work in the UK. Postings do not include deadline dates.

SkillSearch Corporation -- a career networking and database recruiting services. They link experienced professionals with organizations that need their talents.

Snelling Personnel Services, Inc. A national search firm.

TKO Personnel, Inc.-- Specializes in recruitment and careers in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. The web site has a listing of job openings in Japan, Singapore, Korea and the US in the areas of semiconductors, software and accounting. Employers will find a new list of bilingual candidates in several categories.

Top Jobs in Asia

Trilogy Enterprises, Inc. -- An Executive Search firm located in Oak Brook , Illinois. The firm specializes in the areas of MIS, Accounting, Manufacturing, Consulting, Product Management and other related fields.

Ultimate Staffing Services -- An online, Southern California search firm. Free to job seekers.

Winter, Wyman & Company Employment InfoCenter -- An employment agency featuring a list of Hot Jobs in the greater Boston area (including Hot Jobs for recent Computer Science grads), job-hunting tips, and resource information for individuals looking for a job. Hot Jobs includes mostly techincal positions however, the agency does provide job listings in accounting, finance and banking.

Temp Agencies

Chancellor and Chancellor, Inc. -- A broker for contract and full time computer professionals mostly in California. The site contains listings of available contract and permanent positions. (positions are highly technical)

Reed Personnel JOBNET -- British employment agency that operates through ten specialist companies, each working autonomously. Reed is a temporary and permanent employment agency.