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Product Process Analysis. 

The example in the book was an eight step process and the plan was to reduce the "big three" of waste. The Engineers decided to work on processes four though eight before their preliminary studies began.

The preliminary study (product process chart) showed several areas of concern with the "delay sites" being of prime interest. The first fact was simply reduce the number of the delay sites. There were a total of 21 steps from sub-assembly to warehouse storage. The engineers summarized their data in a data chart (a summary off the product process chart) and a flow diagram of the manufacturing facility and it’s work stations.

With this data in hand, the brain storming sessions were next with the concerned parties present. The conclusion was a reduction in transportation delays (on carts) of seven times to two times (reduction of 71%). This was achieved by combining the processing steps five thought eight (product process chart) and eliminating steps 10 and 16 altogether.

There was a moderate adjustment in the work flow process with inspection and finishing tables being moved. The saving was by minutes around 54 %. By the steps necessary there was a reduction of 7 steps.

Further improvement could be realized (perhaps) by a conveyor going right down the middle of the work stations and tables. This could cut down considerably on manual movement since pushing all these carts must be time consuming (along with taking the worker away from their work area and mind thought). This would require more modification of the work stations and the additional cost of the conveyor. The expense however would be minimal since table resetting is easy and the conveyor would be "gravity operated" (on a slope).