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Project Example, actual for me. (work experience)

Project is taken from my experience in fabricating high pressure water cleaners. These devices which use a wand similar to a car wash produced 500, 750 and 1000 pounds of pressure and worked with water temperatures up to 190 degrees. They were made for small business including restaurants, garages and a long list of applications. The owner could spray not only water but fertilizer, seeding and detergents. The washers used 110 volt and were the size of 18 inches wide , 30 inches long and 20 inches tall.

 Fabrication steps.

The washer case was made from 16 gauge cold roll steel. There was a stiffener installed in the bottom of the case for the motor and pump to bolt to. There was also a stiffener on one side of the case for the simple electrical needs of the device.

Step 1: The metal was sheered to the proper size and all edges were checked for exposure to the user and sanded if necessary. This step could often be skipped if the material was sheered with the proper side up.

Step 2: The flat cut pieces of metal were then laid out for punching and bending procedures.

Step 3: Then punching was first for electrical conduits and the cases bent on the pressbrake for correct shape.

Step 4: The painting was the next step with all prepping and sanding if necessary completed.

Step 5: Assembly took place at this time with the pump and motor assembly being first. The electrical box and motor hook-ups were completed.

Step 6: Testing and general operation were the last steps before crating the product.

Step 7: Hose assembly and wands were packed along side of the product and decals and company logo were the final step before the boxing of product.

The overall plan beside direct sales to industry was to market these products in lumber stores and the like for the home user to apply toward pool decking and general cleaning. The washers were made in lots ranging from 250 to 1000. The idea never did materialize and the line was shut down within two years. The products seemed practical but maybe the marketing sucked, I just know we had few returns and fabricating costs were not high. (my pay-stub)